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101 messages and impressions, 101 unlimited scenic 101 sensations of feelings and hopes

for me, 101 means infinity, because that’s the impression that I got from 101 days and we hope you all get the feeling then set your own journey.  — Mattia Nizzardo

This is a complication of curiosity, joy, sorrow, passions, tragedy, and adventure !! this is a beauty of an extraordinary pilgrimage of 101 days

The first time Mattia determined a trip to eastern Indonesia on a motorcycle, he set no goal. Rented a motorcycle and started his trip in 2009, the island offered unlimited taste and scenery, he spent almost half of his time on this ‘flower’ island, 101 days.

We add quotes of famous litterateurs from Indonesia and some of the proverbs originally from Flores, and folklore about some of the most amazing places created by nature that have interesting stories and history to tell. importantly we want to spread adventurous feelings not only led by the road but the purest heart of Flores people when you receive the smile through their eyes you realize your compass is working.